Autocoaching was founded in 2005 to help people develop their own happiness and boost their growth, both personal and professional. We believe in methodologies to help people and we avoid easy suggestions and magic recipes. To do so, we apply technology to coaching philosophies and work to allow the largest number of people to benefit from this mix.

The first project milestone was the development of the Methodology Autocoaching. With a few easy steps, everybody can define a few changes to enhance their own happiness. In order to get there, they need to establish their strong and weak points to improve their behaviors and attitudes.

This intuitive methodology is the core of our products, Happiness Play and Happiness Play Pro, which already helps thousands of people.

  • Happiness Play is a responsive web-based tool that helps you to be happier by adding a technology in your life.
  • Happiness Play Pro is a web-based technology that supports companies and professionals.